photo series
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نام آلبوم:Home is my home
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نام آلبوم:No Face
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نام آلبوم:The lights in the city
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نام آلبوم:in to the new world
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نام آلبوم:loneliness
There are many towers in modern urban life. Although humans live in these towers together, they are lonely.
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نام آلبوم:just like human,just like fruit
Entry title: just like human,just like fruit Entry description: I recently become interested in part of human body. Then I decided to make a connection between humans and fruits and vegetables. I tried to make them closer by dressing humans with suitable covers.
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نام آلبوم:Body feeling
Entry title: Body feeling Entry description: Showing human emotions by parts of their bodies together .
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نام آلبوم:Suspension
Entry title: Suspension Entry description: "I go through every Corner of my mind . up and down .I can`t find any solution.I `m in Suspension." All of us have been in this situation and know it . I wanted to show this important feeling through my images.
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نام آلبوم:Unknown Planet
Entry title: unknown planet Entry description: We all have mind. The mind that perhaps we have not understood it correctly. Where the birthplace of our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I think that maybe someone else living inside me that is difficult to understand. Indeed, who is inside us in the sights of the world and its events? I've never known it until now. My mind is unknown planet, even for myself.
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